I want you to imagine yourself 6 months from now
you’ve fully embraced being your own CEO
and working with dream clients
see yourself dancing to your favorite hype song, 
celebrating your business launch,
offer, website first clients, 
dancing in your robe and slippers, 
absolutely so proud of yourself.
you’re celebrating with your SA Pro to CEO,
now fellow friends and entrepreneurs.


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Very few student affairs and higher ed professionals are making six figures, which means very few people are getting their needs met financially, and the needs of their family.


This leaves professionals feeling broke, stuck in a job with student loan debt, unable to break and surpass glass ceilings, and limited in ways that don’t reflect their worth.


At The Higher Ed Entrepreneur, we see things differently.

Our mission is to help 1000 higher ed entrepreneurs 

become multiple six figure business owners

over the next three years.


  • You are looking to pursue multiple streams of income that are sustainable and reliable outside of higher education. 
  • You desire to make 6 figures ($100k) and have more than enough in a way that aligns to your desires and values.
  • You are coachable and willing to show up for yourself and your dreams.
  • You’ve heard the phrase, “You are the average of the 5 people around you”...well, get ready to spend time with an amazing community.
  • You believe Black Lives Matter and love is love, and that the future of owning a small business is equitable.
You're living paycheck to paycheck,


You're a Masters Graduate,
and your salary doesn't match.


You have a "decently paid" job, years of transferable experience, and you're left feeling underappreciated.


You know you're meant for more.

You fall into one of these categories:

1 - You're engaged beginner starting from scratch.
2 - You already have a business, and looking to launch with ease.
3 - You're ready to scale to $5k- $10k+ months and leave your job.

You don't believe you can make 6 Figures? Let's Discuss...

You’re in an underpaid job and you know you deserve better, right?

$100k is the minimum every worker should be receiving in the U.S. to have a living wage and get their basic needs met. 

Including you.


As I built my business I realized higher ed was keeping me small. 

Whatever is stopping you from putting yourself first, our community is in your corner.

Keep scrolling to see the benefits of joining.

You'll receive access to all four Higher Ed Entrepreneur Programs (over 50+ modules):

Quarterly Planning Workshop:

Know exactly what to plan for financially + energetically each quarter.




SA Pro to Side Hustler:

Hear from SA pros who have scaled their full-time business from a side hustle.




The New SA Pro to CEO Course

Our original signature program.

Improve your money mindset, explore your relationship to worthiness, and build confidence before you go full-time in your business.


Then move onto to creating your signature offer and building a sustainable business for the long-term. This is not a get rich quick scheme. It's time to make more than a living wage for you and your family.



SA Pro to 6 + 7 Figures

Learn the business structures and plans to grow you business to 6 figure revenue. You also receive access to Getting Legally Legit + Selling on Social programs to get organized and create lead generation pathways.

Here's exactly how we support you + your vision...


For 6 months you receive direct access to Kayley and Mentor Coaches in group coaching calls who have grown or currently growing their business to 6 figures. Mentor Coaches are selected based on experience and the success they've achieved in their own business.

When you join the program, you'll be assigned to a Mentor Coach and go through the experience with a closeknit cohort. 


Each month you have the option to show up to Offer Reviews with Kayley and receive help with sales copy, along with launch and visibility strategies. You will begin feeling more and more confident as you develop a flagship and signature offer that aligns to the kind of business YOU want to build. 

This program will give you frameworks of success, and what you decide to implement is up to you. 


You receive access to The Book Club where we dive into one business and self-development books each quarter that will keep you focused and release fear.

Some of our previous books include Attached, Professional Troublemaker, and Meant for More.


You get to hang with ambitious and uplifting SA and higher ed pros.

Enough said. You receive access to the community for 12 months for 24/7 access, feedback, and offer reviews.

We invite Guest Experts in to bring in new concepts and ideas for success as the online business space grows.


Added benefit: You only invest one time into SA Pro to CEO. You receive lifetime access to modules and any updates we make along the way. 

20+ of our current members chose to re-invest and opt back into the new program for continued support.



Michael Lemus (he/him)
Spiritual Alignment Coach

"I decided to join SA Pro to CEO because I knew that I had transferable skills that could be used beyond student affairs. When I first joined, I had no idea where to start. I didn't even know that I could monetize my skills. Now, I’ve launched a group coaching program with 19 wonderful soul-mate clients enrolled. I also have a successful business that I partnered with my mom on that centers wearable spiritual products. I am so thankful to SA Pro to CEO for teaching me the way!"

Xiaopan Xue (she/hers)
Lifestyle Photographer + Business Coach 

"SA Pro to CEO has given me so much. It opened up the mental blocks that were preventing my success as an entrepreneur.

The community it forms is unlike any other I have ever seen or experienced. There is something magnetic about the program and community it creates."

Amy Corron (she/hers)
Productivity + Alignment Coach

"I was drawn to SA Pro to CEO because my ultimate dream in life is to own my own business and I had no idea how to start! While I have been in the beginning brainstorm phases, SA Pro to CEO has been a wonderful experience, giving me the building blocks for my business foundation and providing me with a wonderful cohort of peers who have been motivating, inspiring, and so helpful in this journey. The leadership and coaching from Kayley has been uplifting and overall fantastic. All of the guest experts have been incredibly knowledgeable and provided a wide variety of tools in many different areas - from social media management to being legally legit, every piece has been beneficial. My favorite part of the program has been the group coaching calls when I have gotten to directly connect with other SA pros and dialogue together on our business ideas."


Matt Atkins (he/him)
Digital Creator + Yoga Instructor

"I joined immediately after hearing the name of the program. I thought it was absolutely genius to be part of a program that helps one of the most overworked and under-paid/valued groups of people. I wanted to be a part of this community of people who GET IT. I have had the chance to connect with people and to inspire and be inspired by them. I absolutely love the group coaching calls where we just chat about the current issues we are facing in creating our businesses.

It feels great to be doing it alongside other people and have the guidance of the experts along the way."



Miracle Husband (she/hers)
College Preparation & Success Educator



Jenny Thomas (she/hers) 
Virtual Assistant + Social Media Manager



Eleanor Burmeister (she/hers)
Certified Life Coach




Jamie Schumann (she/hers)
Subtle Body Guide + Energy Worker


You’ve scrolled all the way to the bottom of this page, which means you’re probably wondering “who is the person that put this thing together?”

You’re looking at her.

Hello!! I'm Kayley Robsham, and I founded SA Pro to CEO for one simple reason: I was tired of being paid in pizza, thank you cards, and hugs. I was tired of being tired, and my soul was aching for more. I just didn’t know “how” it was all going to happen. I was tired of living paycheck to paycheck, getting paid less than a living wage, feeling like someone else dictated my time and energy. I was ready for my purpose, working on my own time with clients, getting paid more than enough, inspiring people who know they deserve better.

I was an expert in social media marketing, and I quickly learned a hard lesson: You can have all the knowledge and experience in the world… but unless you know how to MARKET and speak to your clients, it’s not possible to make the income you deserve online.

I struggled selling and raising my prices (thanks student affairs) because I didn’t know what it was like to actually be valued and get paid for the value of my work.

I hired coaches, invested in programs, and learned that they basically all teach the same thing except: They don’t know what it’s like to be in student affairs or higher ed. The culture can be toxic... the judgment… my relationship with money… it all felt so much harder to unravel with my student affairs identity and that was just the beginning.

What I learned is that mindset and embodiment - they way we FEEL about our business, accounts for so much more than just marketing and strategy… about 80%. I was able to heal deeply and created the original program The SA Pro to CEO Course, which is simply focused on mindset and increasing wellbeing. If you're not building your business of the strong foundation of YOU, I would be setting you up for failure.

I was able to scale my business to 6 figures (yes $100,000) within 1.5 years, and in 2020, I received $225,000 all without ads and promotions. But I had to leave higher ed to explore what abundance actually looks like and feels like. Once I had that experience, I created this program.

I put together this comprehensive program to teach my experience, and share my mistakes that you can potentially avoid, and you’ll have support if they come up for you. SA Pro to CEO is more than just a business course. There is plenty of money and resources for all of us to go around, and this community will support you in believing that, and believing in yourself. It’s a path of economic liberation for upcoming leaders who want to build a sustainable business and multiple streams of income online.

Listen - I have been in dark periods of my own life, in student affairs (depression, living paycheck to paycheck, quitting my reslife job after 10 months)... and here’s what I know: As a leader, you feel a deep responsibility. We have a big vision, and we need help from people who really get it so we can fill up our own cup, still impact the collective and give back, all while having more than enough time, money, and energy.

And that’s where I come in. I’ll mentor you alongside Mentor Coaches, who have their own successful businesses - DEI consultants, Coaches, and Leaders. It’s time to build your business, brand and bank account so you can start living out your purpose and life you’ve imagined.

Frequently Asked Questions

2022. Sign-up for our waitlist or email list for announcements.

We use an online learning platform called Kajabi, and a private Facebook group. The community is optional, however we suggest joining. You have lifetime access to the modules.

This program can’t be duplicated, because it’s grounded in a supportive and authentic student affairs and higher ed community.

We deeply care about the success of SA pros because we used to (or still are) in the field. We understand how deeply rooted the culture can be, and what it takes to unlearn limiting beliefs specific to the field.

Many of the alums are connected long after they’ve taken the course, and often collaborate, because of the connections and friendships they created on the Coaching Calls, Co-working spaces, and Facebook group.

We recommend anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours a week to work on your business, and get through the content of the program. Our Mentor Coaches guide you in making sure you're receiving support as you move through the modules and workbook.

We’re aware that building a business doesn’t happen in 90 days or even a year, it’s something we want our students to feel dedicated to for life.

The investment in SA Pro to CEO is $2997. Payment plans are available and we offer sliding scale and scholarships once a year to our community.

The investment total goes towards supporting our entire Higher Ed Entrepreneur team (roofs over our heads), paying our team above a living wage, and keeping our business running (software, systems, etc). 

For this reason, there are no refunds on this program. If you have any questions you can reach out at [email protected]


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