I want you to imagine yourself

6 months from now. 

You've fully embraced being your own CEO
and working with dream clients.


See yourself dancing to your favorite hype song,
celebrating your business launch,

offer, website, first clients,

dancing in your robe and slippers,
absolutely proud of yourself.


You're celebrating with your

SA Pro to CEO cohort,

now fellow friends and entrepreneurs.

Let's do this!
1 - You're engaged beginner starting from scratch.
2 - You already have a business, and looking to launch with ease.
3 - You're ready to scale to $5k+ months and leave your job.

Week One

Your Business Vision Inner Knowing


Ground into your business vision, purpose, and inner trust before taking aligned action.

Week Two

CEO Embodiment, Business as Self-Care + Human Design


Unlearn limiting beliefs from student affairs and prioritize people over profits without draining your energy.

Week Three

Money Healing + Rewiring Beliefs


It’s time to stop trading time for money, and receive what you deserve for your gifts and talents.

Week Four

Branding, Storytelling + Ideal Client


Build your brand and ideal client community grounded in authenticity.

Week Five

Creating Boundaries + Healing Student Affairs Trauma


Heal your inner child and identify support you need to create boundaries like a boss.


Intentional time off to to rest, catch up, receive support and dream.


Intentional time off to to rest, catch up, receive support and dream.

Week Eight

Creating Your First Irresistible Offer


Create offers your ideal client will say "yes" to over and over again.

Week Nine

Your Website + Email Marketing + Sales Copy + Sales Pages


Templates, guides + everything you need to know about converting clients to customers.

Week Ten

Heart-Centered Selling


Learn immutable marketing principles that stand the test of time.

Organic Marketing focuses on free promotion and how to stand out in a saturated market.

Week Eleven

Client Journey, Proven Launch Tactics + Selling in the DMs


You'll never have to send a cold DM in your life.

Let's plan out your first launch strategy and sell with confidence!

Week Twelve

Passive Income + Graduation Celebration


We build out a blueprint for your business to continue your success.


Access to our
Quarterly Planning Workshop

know exactly what to plan for financially + energetically in each quarter of the year

Guest Expert Entrepreneurs


Melina Charis, Human Design for Business

Nadejiah Towns, Career Transition Coach + Exit Strategy

Erin Nicole Porter, Receiving + Breathwork

Michael Alexander Lemus, Spirituality + Reclaiming Your Power

Rebecca Freedman, Small Business CPA

Doctor Jon Paul, DEI Speaker + Consultant 

Tameka Bazile, IG + Social Media Expert 


...even more guest experts this round!



Mentor Coaches

Em Scimeca, NLP Practitioner, Intuitive + Podcast Expert 

Jane Rodriguez, Brand Consultant

Joanne Machin, Copy Editor + Lifestyle Coach

Katy Maher, Artist, Etsy + Handmade Business Coach




Kayley is a Business Mentor and Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist. She also practices Reiki and sound healing. 

She created SA Pro to CEO for one simple reason: 

She knows how it feels to be you.

Tired of being paid in pizza, thank you cards and hugs.


Kayley enjoys teaching student affairs and higher ed professionals how to heal internally so their businesses can thrive, stop the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck, and unlearn student affairs limiting beliefs around success.

After spending years working 3-4 jobs consistently and living in scarcity, she learned there was another way to feel valued and increase her income. She learned to let go of perfectionism, people-pleasing, and embraced non-linear thinking and way of being. She was able to let go of the trading time for money lifestyle, owned her natural gifts, and scaled her business to six figures within one year.

She's a past student affairs professional (residence life) turned Anxiety and Depression Coach turned Business Mentor. Kayley lives in South Florida with her two cats and partner, and is a Bostonian at heart. 

She worked as a social media marketer with higher ed tech startup, and quickly learned a hard lesson: You can have all the knowledge and experience in the world… but unless you know how to MARKET and receive CLIENTS, it’s not possible to make the income you deserve online. 

SA Pro to CEO is more than just a business course. It’s a path of economic liberation for upcoming leaders who want to build a sustainable business and multiple streams of income online.


It’s time to build your business, brand and bank account so you can start living out your purpose and life you’ve imagined.

Frequently Asked Questions

The program starts June 8th, 2020. Once you sign up, you can choose to go at your own pace throughout the year, or join other students and finish the program in 10-12 weeks. Many of our alums take the program over and over to refocus and make even more progress on their business, and receive group coaching. Alums love the community aspect of the program and miss it when it’s over.

We use an online learning platform called Kajabi, and a private Facebook group. You have lifetime access to your cohort, and modules on Kajabi.

This program can’t be duplicated, because it’s grounded in a supportive and authentic student affairs community.

We deeply care about the success of SA pros because we used to (or still are) in the field. We understand how deeply rooted the culture can be, and what it takes to unlearn limiting beliefs specific to the field.

Many of the alums are connected long after they’ve taken the course, and often collaborate, because of the connections they created on the Community Coaching Calls.

We recommend anywhere from 1 hour to 5 hours a week to work on your business, and get through the content of the program.

Many students make the live Community Coaching Calls and do the program as their schedule allows. We take into account student availability and time zones when planning calls. 

We’re aware that building a business doesn’t happen in 10 weeks, it’s something we want our students to feel dedicated to for life. This is just the starting point for most.

The investment in SA Pro to CEO is $1997. We also offer payment plans (monthly payments of $197). The investment total goes towards us giving you free value in other ways like The Higher Ed Entrepreneur free Facebook group, keeping our business running (software, systems, etc) and hiring SA pros who are experts at what they do. So far, we’ve been able to keep the cost of the resources of the program relatively low, which keeps the overall investment low, and the value of the program high. *Due to the nature of this live coaching program and lifetime access, there are no refunds.

SA Pro To CEO Begins on June 8th

We invite you to join us!









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