How Identifying Core Values Can Help Launch Your Business

businessbuilding values Feb 09, 2021

Author: Amy Corron

For about four months this spring and summer, I had “Finish coaching website” as a task in my goal planner. I had been in coach training since January 2020, and I wanted to build my website and launch my business to recruit clients. I started tinkering around in SquareSpace, trying template after template, and ended up falling down the rabbit hole of website design templates, which left me frustrated and with no progress toward a completed site. I was nowhere close to making any decisions. 

What were my brand colors going to be? 

What was I going to write on my website? 

How could I show my unique self online? 

As I was putting together the goals of my coaching business, continuing my coach training, and establishing my ideal client audience, I kept getting hung up on my website creation and official business launch communication. I was looking to other coaches and higher ed entrepreneurs for guidance, and would easily get overwhelmed by information and constant comparison. I created my own limiting beliefs focused on not measuring up to the other coaches I was seeing through social media and websites. When looking at all these beautifully designed websites, I felt like I was not good enough and that I did not have anything unique to offer. I was unsure if I would ever get to the places I was seeing other entrepreneurs and coaches were at in their client recruitment and program offerings. I was also scared of failing, and so it was easier just not to start. All of these thoughts and  frustration stalled my creativity, and my website hit a dead end for about three months.


I created my own limiting beliefs focused on not measuring up to the other coaches I was seeing through social media and websites.


I knew I wanted to be able to communicate my skill sets and strengths, as well as who I am as a person and what I am like as a coach. I was struggling to identify these specific things and how to share these attributes as a part of Amy Corron Coaching. 

How could I effectively illustrate my unique voice and connect with ideal clients? 

What are the things I could share that are truly authentically me?



I struggled with overcoming this mental block for months, unable to make any decisions about my website content and business launch until I took a deep dive and received some coaching about my values. Through multiple sessions with my coach training peers, I was asked powerful reflective questions that helped me articulate what matters most to me and who I am as a person and as I coach. I parsed out what informs my what, why, and how, explored the ways my values of rest and productivity conflict with one another, identified my superpowers, and thought about where my values showed up in how I spent my time. Each session helped me uncover another important piece of myself and allowed me to reflect deeply on who I am and how I show up in my life and in my business. Throughout the process, I was excited and felt my confidence building as I was grasping a greater sense of the unique gifts and talents I could share with my audience. 

One of the most eye-opening coaching tools that helped me was developing a personal mission statement. This tool really grounded me in my purpose and contributed greatly to developing my mission as a coach. This tool asks you to imagine your life when you are retired, and you have plenty of free time and are settled in your family and financial life. Thinking in this mindset, you work through a series of reflective questions:

  • How are you spending your time?
  • What is the most important thing to you?
  • What has your legacy been thus far?
  • What has been your life’s purpose?

Based on this vision of your future, you then draft a mission statement that can help guide you toward this ideal place and purpose you described. For me, my mission statement is: “I am here to make a positive impact by bringing joy to others, making meaningful connections, and using my superpowers to help others.” I have been able to reflect on how my mission statement can guide my daily actions, how it informs my goals, and the ways I can live out my mission in my coaching business. This tool helped me identify what is truly authentically me and create a foundational message that I wanted to communicate with my audience. 

From there, the content creation and website build flowed easily. I could center my images and messaging around my values and what felt uniquely me, knowing it would connect and communicate to my audience the foundation of my business: to help others discover their joy and achieve meaningful goals as they create greater alignment in their work and life.


Done is better than perfect. 


My mission statement and messaging will always be a work in progress as I continue developing my business, but I'm of the mind that "done is better than perfect." I think about my website and ongoing communication with my audience as an evolving area that will grow and change as I continue to evolve and an entrepreneur and a coach. 

Here are some of the powerful questions that helped me discover my values and mission and ultimately got me unstuck.

  • What are the top 3-5 words that describe what is most important to you?
  • How would you think about those words as values?
  • What examples do you see of these values in your life? In your business?
  • What is your life’s purpose?
  • What is your mission in one sentence?
  • How can your personal mission statement guide your day-to-day actions?
  • What does your values and mission statement communicate to others?

Feel free to reflect on these questions if you are similarly trying to find your mission and ways to communicate your authentic self to your audience. I would love to hear your thoughts and reflections to these questions, as well as connect if this post resonated with you.


Image Description: Blue background with a picture of Amy smiling, wearing a purple cardigan and white t-shirt, below text"Amy helps people find joy as they create greater alignment between their work and their values. Her aim is to partner with you in identifying what matters to you most so you can build productivity habits towards achieving meaningful goals, navigate transitions or make a big change, and find more happiness and purpose in your work, life, and business. SA Pro to CEO.

 You can find Amy on Instagram or Twitter @amersy and on my website

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