How Identifying Core Values Can Help Launch Your Business

businessbuilding values Feb 09, 2021

Author: Amy Corron

For about four months this spring and summer, I had “Finish coaching website” as a task in my goal planner. I had been in coach training since January 2020, and I wanted to build my website and launch my business to recruit clients. I started tinkering around in SquareSpace, trying template after template, and ended up falling down the rabbit hole of website design templates, which left me frustrated and with no progress toward a completed site. I was nowhere close to making any decisions. 

What were my brand colors going to be? 

What was I going to write on my website? 

How could I show my unique self online? 

As I was putting together the goals of my coaching business, continuing my coach training, and establishing my ideal client audience, I kept getting hung up on my website creation and official business launch communication. I was looking to other coaches and higher ed entrepreneurs for guidance, and would easily get...

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What Life and The Little Mermaid Taught Me About Betting on Myself

investing moneymindset Jan 04, 2021

Author: Diana Morris 

When I was 17 (or 18… who can really be sure at this point), I typed my name on the first of many dotted lines, effectively accepting a loan of tens of thousands of dollars that would go toward my college education. 

Like Ariel signing on the dotted line under the watchful gaze of Ursula,

my eye was on the ultimate prize. 

For her, it was an opportunity to be where the people were — on land. 

For me, it was an opportunity to be where success was — on a college campus.

The decision to take out loans was based on the simple belief that a college education was the first step to a level of success and stability that would ensure a life where my needs and desires, including repayment, would be met.


"The decision to take out loans was based on the simple belief that a college education was the first step to a level of success and stability that would ensure a life where my needs and desires, including repayment, would...

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SA Pro to 5-Figure Online Business Manager

Uncategorized Sep 24, 2020

Every August, I looked forward to trips to Target, walking down aisles lined with post-in notes, pens, backpacks, and spiral-bound notebooks. As a student affairs professional, fall meant the excitement of welcoming students back on campus.

And this year, I’m not. It’s both liberating and bittersweet. 

My name is Jane Rodriguez, and I am a student affairs professional (SA pro) turned self-made entrepreneur. 

I started on the path to Student Affairs similar to many other SA Pros out there. I was super involved during undergrad, fell in love with the idea of being in college forever, got my Master’s degree in Higher Education, and swore that I was going to be a Vice President of Student Affairs one day. Two years into my first full-time job as an SA Pro, I wasn’t feeling it anymore. 

It wasn’t because I was in a toxic work environment or because I fell out of love with the work. I actually really loved where I worked and the work that I...

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Socially Accepted Codependent Behaviors in Student Affairs That Keep You Feeling Stuck

#healing May 07, 2020

Perfectionism, people-pleasing, workaholism, over-giving, exhaustion and more.

We think these are the behaviors of what it means to be a great student affairs professional. These traits unconsciously fill us up, make us feel good, and what's worse, we are rewarded for them. 

If this sounds like you, I'm going to shed some light on how to start acknowledging workplace behaviors that aren't okay, and that can be emotionally abusive to ourselves and others. 


People-Pleasing Behaviors

Have you ever felt like it was safer to not “rock the boat?” I think this was one of the first pieces of advice I received as a student affairs (SA) pro. Not “rocking the boat” meant I could stay in good standing with popular student affairs pros who could help advance my career

We like to think that putting others before us is "kind" and or a "favor." And if we don't put others before us, we feel guilty. But really, people-pleasing is a violation of your own...

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6 Reasons Why You Need a Side Hustle as a #SAPro

saprotoceo Feb 16, 2020

I'm sure at least a few people you know have side hustles to increase their income, and some are building their business to leave their full-time job.

I receive so many questions about why people should start a side hustle, and instead people look into all the reasons why and aren't just trying something!

So no look further - here are six reasons why I think you should start your side hustle as a student affairs professional:

1. Future freedom, paying off debt + maximizing that retirement account

I don't know many SA pros who don't have student loan debt. With your SA salary, it could take you decades to pay it off.

Investing in your side hustle at first can be scary, and from my experience all of the people I know have made back their investment at least ten times! That's... a lot.

2. Is higher education here to stay?

With more and more colleges and universities closing down, and a side hustle looks more promising than your job some days. Budget cuts, lay offs... it's...

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The Evolution of SA Pro to CEO

saprotoceo Jan 24, 2020

I truly believe in progress over perfection, or I would have never created SA Pro to CEO, the business building program for student affairs and higher education professionals. 

Your offer, program or service should never be perfect the first time. There should always be room for improvement - that's what makes it fun!

This can be hard for perfectionists or people who are afraid of being seen online, because that means there is more resistance to showing up. 

And if it doesn’t work out the first time, doesn’t mean the idea is gone forever or not good enough. Sometimes we get ideas and they are fully formed. It’s up to us to discern what is enough and what we can come back to later. 

It’s one thing to say it, and another to show it, so here I am to offer some transparency of the evolution of SA Pro to CEO. 

What I’m sharing: 

  • The structure 

  • What I charged at each stage of growth

  • My own costs 

  • Details on my...

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